Bio and Artist's Statement

Deborah Druick was born in Montreal, Canada and graduated from The Montreal Museum School of Art and Design, where she earned her B.F.A., and Concordia University, where she earned her M.F.A. equivalent. She has lived and worked in Hong Kong where she had a solo show of paintings and drawings. She has also participated in exhibitions in Macau, China and all over the New York tri-state region. She now lives and works in the Bronx, NY.

Druick's paintings address issues of gender definition, self-identification and female objectification, using stylized figuration and saturated high-key color. She emphasizes and exaggerates stereotypical concepts of precision, perfection and beauty in femininity. Her work can best be described as belonging to the style of the “New Surrealist Movement” using a new visual language to express the objectification of women’s bodies.Her females are faceless archetypes, eliciting questions about identity, self-awareness and sentiment.The issues of willingness and consent are also addressed in her work.

Druick's painting style is influenced by “The Chicago Imagists,” notably Christina Ramberg and Jim Nutt.  Surrealism, matte surfaces, geometric patterning, stylized figuration and precision to detail are some of the elements that define her work.

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