Moma from Bauhaus to Buenos Aries: Greta Stern and Horacio Coppola

Poltergeists, Deborah Druick 2014
Non Consensual Fragments, Deborah Druick 2015

In the recent show at Moma, "From Bauhaus to Buenos Aries: Greta Stern and Horacio Coppola" I was particularly impressed with Stern's series of photomontages Suenos ( Dreams). Photomontage uses photographs as the base elemental tool for forming the composition. These amazing images "portraying women's dreams mobilized by the unfulfilled promises of the Peronist regime in Argentine society with urgency and surreal wit" are groundbreaking for the time period. I have become more aware of how the collaged image is a large part of how I find inspiration for my paintings and drawings. The act of taking fragments from disparate sources, combining them to then create a new whole, rearranging and then re-ordering as I see fit, is really liberating for me in my practice. I can remove the boundaries of the logical composition and integrate abstraction with the figurative and play with different realities.

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