Surrealistic Games - The Paranoiac Critical Method

Chorus Girls, Deborah Druick 2015

The paranoiac critical method was the invention of Salvador Dali and is based on the idea of the “ double-image.” One can see, or persuade others to see, all sorts of images in a cloud: a horse, a human body, a dragon, a house. Any object in the physical world can be treated in this way. The premise according to Marcel Jean is that it’s impossible to concede any value whatsoever to immediate reality, since it may represent or mean anything at all. The point is to persuade oneself and others of the authenticity of these transformations so that the real world loses it’s validity. The Paranoiac critical method is the reverse of children’s picture puzzles where you can find people hidden in drawings of trees, for instance, and resembles more the double-images employed by psychologists: the two faces that become a vase, faces seen in rocks, and landscapes in marble.

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