Art and the Comic.

Pinocchio, Deborah Druick 2014

There have always been links between the comic book medium and the visual arts. Artists have incorporated and pushed the packet between the “low” and “high” forms of expression for decades and it was during the 50’s and the 60’s that we really began to see the appropriation of comic motifs and the structural formats associated with them. These images can present social criticism, humor, alternate social realities as well as many other interpretations of fiction. Personally I have always been drawn to the comic medium as a basic route of expression. I'll often use some of the iconic, well -loved images of my childhood lexicon to present allegories for present day issues. It was Oyvind Fahlstrom who said “ The comics are a special mass art. Something that is neither film nor serial story, but which has montage, serial action, peripeteia and visual poignancy- it sounds like a riddle, and maybe it is .The comics are a unique art.”

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