" International Pop" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Evelyne Axell, Belgium, 1935-1972, Ice Cream, oil on canvas
Deborah Druick, Home Invasion, oil on canvas, 2015

I am such a big fan of Pop Art that last week I went from New York to Philadelphia to see the major new show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, “International Pop.”

For those who think Pop Art is mostly an America and British phenomenon, think again. This show’s 150 works come from the U.S. and the U.K., but also Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Italy, Slovakia, and Japan. It includes painting, sculpture, prints, collage, assemblage, installation and film spanning from 1956- 1972.

 Pop Art was clearly an international movement with a shared basic interest in consumerism, mass media and figuration. Each country then explores and critiques their own pertinent political, social and cultural concerns. The exhibition begins with Pop Art’s emergence as a movement and develops to reveal a variety of messages, from euphoric to critical and probing. This is a wonderful, energetic show which will close on May 15, so try to fit this in to your calendars.

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